1. Coffee With Mentors

      RFF is very fortunate to have a few outstanding volunteers willing to share their expertise with the RFF membership. Really folks, these people are among the best of the best in their specialties.  Be nice and savor the chance to exchange thoughts with them! .

      IMPORTANT READ THIS: Please observe copyright laws by not copying and posting their material elsewhere without permission.

    2. Leicas and other Leica Mount Cameras

      While not the first commercial 35mm camera offered for sale (that honor goes to the American Simplex in 1913) , Leica's overwhelming success starting in the 1920's really put 35mm photography on map. Over time Leica expanded into different lens mounts and formats. Add to that other camera manufacturers producing Leica mount cameras. This forum is dedicated to all things Leica and Leica mount.
    3. Digital Cameras

      Contrary to RFF rumor, non RF digital cameras may exist.
      Latest: http://getmenshealth.com/andro-beast/ yaja 26, Mar 27, 2017 at 9:13 AM